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2257 Verified is a user-friendly, free online service designed specifically for content creators. We provide a platform where you can effortlessly fill out, and download your model releases and 2257 compliance documents. 

Available Documents

If you create adult content, you need three things: a model release, a 2257 compliance document, and a valid form of ID, providing that the person you’ve created content with is over 18. You will need these three things for every person you create adult content with.

Please note: Updated platform regulations, as dictated by banking institutions, require that you have a copy of the front of the ID, the back, and a picture of the person holding the ID. The ID must be current (not expired) and a legal government-issued ID, which means it must be a driver’s license, state-issued ID card, or passport. They must be a government-issued photo ID (state or federal).

You need these 3 things for every person you do content with, even if that person is your husband, boyfriend, girlfriend, or whatever. There are no exceptions. Model releases are a legal issue; it’s not about the status of your relationship.

If you have questions about what kind of documentation you need to remain legally compliant when creating adult content, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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